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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dead Existence to support the mighty Buzzov*en

5th April this year Dead Existence will be supporting the legendary Buzzov*en at the Underoworld Camden. Anyone who has heard of them will know that they are one of the Grandaddys of the Sludge sceen and that it has been 12 years since they reared their ugly heads. Support will also come from the awesome grincore sludgers 'The Atrocity Exhibit'.
We will be selling tickets at face value £12 without any of the shitty charges that you get when you order from Stargreen or Ticketweb. Message us at if you want to arrange to pick up a ticket. Alternativly you can buy one from our merch page and we'll send it to you free of charge.

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we regret to inform everyone that on the night of January the 6th 2011, Ben Lowe, our drummer and most importantly, our dear friend, left this world. Words cannot, and never will describe the feeling of knowing that we will never again see our brother. Our condolences go out to his family at this sad time. A towering gentle-giant, Ben was a charismatic and upbeat person who always made you feel welcome and never once uttered a dishonest word to anyone. Ben was a passionate musician bursting with creativity whose playing demanded your attention. Originally a singer, Ben became part of the original project that would become Dead Existence, partly for his wish to take up drumming. In the few years that he played with Dead Existence, he went from being a novice drummer to a blasting tyrant of creative beats and ever shifting drum fills. We are proud to have had the privilege of sharing the stage with him so many times.
Despite this recent event the band will continue, as we feel it would be an injustice to let this vision, which Ben had a huge part in creating, just fade away. We are glad to say that before Ben went on his travels to Australia we made one final recording with him. We will do our very best to make sure this recording is completed and released to its full potential as it is essentially his last creation with the band, and more importantly, he was very happy with the outcome which showcases his ever maturing and creative drumming. This release will be the final work created by the original line up of Dead Existence. After this our bassist Maxime will take over the drum mantle and we will in the future find a permanent bassist. We are also happy to confirm that our brothers “Void” the band Ben provided vocals for, will also continue and have recently released a new full length which is an excellent representation of Ben’s phenomenal vocal talent.

Ben, we will miss you. You will always be in our hearts, may you rest in peace.

Fredrik, Jake, Chris and Maxime
Dead Existence

I can’t think of what to say when all these thoughts of all the good times are balancing out this horrible event that has taken you away from us all. I guess the saying “Keep on truckin” applies because you brought so many reasons to smile and laugh and think shit was never as bad as it seemed.....I wish I could tell you that now. I could whittle off countless stories of all the good memories I have of you like the time we drunkenly pretended to be an E4 Camera Crew on a 29 bus one late evening, or when you came knocking on my door on my 19th birthday telling me my favourite band was playing ....that was the greatest birthday I had by far, or when we sat in your room jamming out with you on a makeshift drum kit mainly consisting of a plastic bin and a Steel Cobra drum pedal. Those memories and many more are something I’ll never forget just as I’m sure with everybody else who knew you. You made me believe I could play in a band. You made me think I could bunny hop off a 10 step stair case before common sense took over.....shit I’m reminiscing again but I’m glad I can because the good does outweigh the bad and even though your time was far too short on this earth you made a impact as big as an asteroid destroying a sun, Hollywood special f/x and all. Your drumming skills and vocals were of such awesome ferocity but your personality was the exact opposite. I am forever grateful and honored to know you as a friend and band mate. Your Family, me, the bands you were a part of and so many others will miss you and grieve for you and have to come to terms with the loss but I want to thank you for giving me and everyone else something that will keep us all smiling. Cheers Dude Till the day when we’re sipping 40’s and puffing blunts on the other side. - Chris

Ben was my first contact with Dead Existence. From the beginning he helped me to feel comfortable with the band because of his genuine soft and peaceful way to be; meeting Jake, Fred and Chris for the first time can be a scary experience, as you can imagine... They are assholes and motherfuckers ;-)Until he left for Australia, I was holding the bass in the band and I have so many great memories of playing gigs and rehearsals with him. I will never forget the jams we had, just him and me, while the rest of the band was building cigarettes or went to buy beers. He wanted to do more of that and I wish we could have done it. And I will never forget the jams we had as a whole band either. The connection was there. As a musician Ben had a lot of creativity and that played a very important part in the band. I will never forget those precious moments when we played, gigs and rehearsals, and made eye contact and smiled. This is priceless and it tears my heart into pieces to think about that. Ben was such a generous, sweet, intelligent, funny and caring man that it makes his leaving even more painful. In some bands musicians meet just to play music but that wasn't the case with him. I met Ben through the music but enjoyed a lot spending time with him outside Dead Existence. He was someone without enemies and was radiating good vibrations. You could only feel well next to him and he would have been the first person to cheer you up. Ben I will miss you, you were one of the very best people I have ever known in my life and you left far too early. No one will ever replace you. It is a great honor for me to sit behind the drum kit now and I will always think about you. Life sucks sometimes and I hope you found peace wherever you are now. I loved you and I will always love you. You are the best.R.I.P. Ben. - Max

I remember years ago asking Ben for vocal tips when I first heard him scream, since that day I have never stopped admiring his talent and I will always feel inspired by his enthusiasm and creativity. Writing music with him was a joy and I’ll always remember those great moments we shared when a song started to come together. I have gained so many great memories partying with him, at gigs, in houses, on the road, off our faces dancing to an imaginary Jamiroquai soundtrack and thinking we were space ninjas. All the beers, the jokes, the fucked up side projects and great conversations will stay with me. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to create with him. I couldn’t have asked for a better guy to work with musically or a better friend to share my time with. I am crushed by this loss and I will never be the same. You will never be forgotten Ben. Rest in peace my brother.-Jake

I first met Ben when I joined the now defunct Death Metal band Mundane for which he provided vocals. He came across as more of a chilled out BMX’er who listened to obscene amounts of Cyprus Hill, but I soon found out he was probably the loudest and most powerful vocalist that I have ever played with to this day. You could actually hear him over my guitar amp and the drums before we even turned on the PA. Over the last eight years I’ve had many joyous days with Ben making an absolute racket while drunk off our asses. Whether he was screaming down the mic, or pounding away on the drums, it was always fun to play with him. I also spent many evenings in his room getting high, drinking beer (cider in his case) spending hours playing Super Monkey Ball with Ozric Tentacles, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and Acid Bath as our sound track. He almost always kicked my ass at that game. Many nights we spent worshiping bands like Discordance Axis and Brutal Truth and we spoke many times of starting our own Grindcore band with an aim to make the fastest and most vile music we could think of. Unfortunately, this is now a dream I will have to pursue on my own.
Ben I will miss you. I hope you are in a happier place and I look forward to one day jamming with you again in the big gig in the sky.- Fredrik