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Friday, 11 March 2011

New shirts, old merch and general updates.

So we finally have some new merch available. Photographed is our new "Black Sun Shroud" shirt designed by Michael Cowell, if your ever looking for art please check him out as he is very good: The shirts are silver design printed on black shirts and available in S, M, L, and XL. This shirt is a limited run of 50 and will be available at our show and on Big Cartel.
We still have the "Kill The Preachers" shirt on sale in girls strappy top, vest and skinny fit shirt. We have about 5 Men's sizes left so if you want one its first come first serve.

In other news we're starting the mixing for the forthcoming EP next week, so we'll hopefully soon have a better idea of when it will be coming out. We're also booking dates in Late May/ Early June which will include our New Zealand buddies "El Schlong's" album launch, a few gigs round the country with Dopefight and an awesome all day gig at the Purple Turtle gig on the 5th of June featuring Dopefight, Wiht, Koresh, Parole, Slab, Slabdragger and DKH.