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Monday, 25 April 2011

Gig updates. Memorial show, The Secret/Tombs plus more.

We're happy to announce we're playing with The Secret and Tombs on the 5th of August at the Borderline London. You can Buy Tickets Here and get more info here.
This Saturday the 30th of April is also the Ben Lowe memorial gig at the Unicorn Camden. The line up will include Dead Existence and Void, both of which he was a member of and also, Cythraul, Dopefight, Flowers Of Flesh And Blood, and Nebukadnezza all of which had close links to Ben in some form. Also a there will be a special one off reunion of the band Mundane which Ben was the singer for. The set will feature guest appearences from various vocalists. It is free entry but we will be taking donations which will be going to Ben's family. We would very much appriciate any and all support as this is the final send of for our friend.
We also a total of 6 dates in the month of May and June in various places in England, all info can be found in our live dates section.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

New member, Buzzov*en show reschedualed and upcoming mini tours

We're happy to announce "Staggerin' Matt" as the new bassist of Dead Existence. Some of you will already know Matt from his many Human Disease Promotion gigs, or more likely as 'that guy with the massive beard drinking in the corner'. The line up now stands as Max - drums, Chris - Guitar, Jake - Vocals, Fred - guitar and Matt - bass. We've already played one gig with the new line up and we're happy to say he's fitting in perfectly. We'd also like to thank Steve, Joe and Mark for helping us out with live shows over the past 7 months. In other news, for those who didn't notice the Buzzov*en show was postponed but has now been rescheduled for the 21st of June. Original tickets are still valid and if you don't have one get them here: We've also got a string of gigs coming up the May/June which will include a three day tour with our buddies Dopefight, and the El Schlong album launch so prime your livers and get ready for carnage.