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Thursday, 13 October 2011

"Born Into The Planet's Scars" is here.

I come to you with open arms fellow misanthropes, to do as is done in hell, embrace this foul stench, for your quest is over.

Dead Existence hail from London, England and they deliver filth by the ounce, time and time again. Green, sticky and baggied, DE's latest unholy offering "Born Into the Planet's Scars" is culled straight from the wizard's crop.

"Born Into the Planet's Scars" is a bukakke of wolves drawing blood from the likes of Demigod, Mugwart and early Crowbar. There are parts so miserable that you'll wish you were stillborn and parts so heavy that you'll want pick up your nearest claw hammer and harvest some fucking brain.

Complete with art exorcised from Mikhell of the mighty Lazarus Blackstar, Dead Existence are set to destroy stages in 2012.
Fix yourself a line and strap on a crash helmet.

"And the emptiness will grow...."

Misery Forever.

Aquire at these two location: Withered Hand Records
Big Cartel

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