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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What the people have been saying, new year and new gigs

It's been a while since I've updated but it's been pretty busy. We've got a few new gigs listed in Brighton, Croydon and Kingston in the new year and possibly a couple of more coming in March. We've also got new merch coming soon courtesy of Arif from the mighty Wormrot. If you haven't yet checked out our still new EP "Born Into The Planet's Scars" then look at what the people have been saying.


"Dead existence have been making waves in london's swamp for a few years now with their brand of doomy sludge. Those familiar with their previous releases will be pleased with their latest effort, as this two-track, 26 minute album is as apocalyptic and neck-destroying as you could wish for. It’s evident that DE have undergone a process of maturity, stripping themselves to their raw bones, and there's no doubt they've benefited from it. Feedback gives way to blues soaked riffs, and black hole-inducing fuzz doom, oozing utter disgust and hopelessness. 'Born into...' is a deserving step forward from DE's increasingly impressive back catalogue and tips them as one to watch in 2012"

Power play

The guitar sound really hits the spot. Down the crooked path lays waste to all its tempo changes that follow, and there is a definite bar raising performance evident in the arrangement stakes. I am literally sitting back nodding my head in appreciation at every twist and turn. This is a pretty damn good effort. It hits all the right spots for the genre and the production is epic and very powerful. 8/10

Metal storm

I heard you like aggression and sickness. So I put some death in your sludge so you can get fucked up while you get fucked up.

Two tracks clocking around 26 minutes of crushing, filthy groovy music. The death influences make everything more suffocating together with intense riffs, fast sections making your blood pumping and some of the most pissed-off vocals I've heard in this disgusting genre. Some calm sections appear every now and then but only as a reminder that danger is around the next corner, waiting to punch you in the throat. The crazy squad that is the British Dead Existence knows for sure how to play sludge the way it should be: Filthy and violent.


Dead Existence have to be one of the most crusty, nasty sludge-metal bands in the world. They are like the musical version of cold vomit, nasty, smelly, and hard to stomach but of course it makes for killer sludge metal music. This EP, captured the band in all their aggressive, ear-shattering glory. A total of 27 minutes of hardcore, punk-influenced sludge-metal and doom.
monster chugging guitar sections that drop away to pulverizing slow, depressive doom passages, gritty, raw, aggressive vocals, strange, almost demented guitar work, some of which makes Dave Chandler sound like Ritchie Blackmore. They mix up tempo changes and such so often, it leaves the listener exhausted but that is the general idea. This EP is out to destroy and that it does.

When planet’s collide

A band that sound like they belch gravel and cry vomit. The songs are jam packed with disgusting riffs covering every interesting influence in the doom genre along side a little bit of all of our beloved NOLA bands.

The Sleeping Shaman

As crusty as a tramp’s cold dead arse, but twice as foul – nay, thrice, this nasty little ep is a certified antidote for the power of positive thought. DE themselves belch forth bleak and charred punk sounds but with violent lashings of power-drunk double-bass blasts and chugging metallic riffage. A festering riot of bent notes, hoarse roars, minor chord misery and tempo-changes Hard and cold metal that has no pretense whatsoever. ‘The rivers running empty and the sky is turning grey’ is a lyrical indicator of a crushingly black pessimism that is perfectly matched by the depressing beauty of the sub-industrial pseudo-psychedelic crust-thrash dirgecore that DE deftly vomit from their atrophied serotonin-starved brains. The musicianship is veteran level metal and the vibe is sitting smoking roll-ups in a foul and cloying 1950s-style kitchen under a bare light bulb, staring through tears at the decaying rat droppings on the greasy floor whilst an empty train rattles by the barred window. Love it. It’s like Maggie Thatcher never went away.

Metalteam uk

The sound and power captured on this release is nothing short of a monolithic juggernaut thundering through a major city with destruction and pain on its mind. Jake’s vocals have improved in both clarity and aggression, without losing any momentum. The guitars hit the low end corner of your mind without a care in the world for any hangover that you may be suffering from. ‘Gutless & Full of Shame’ renders you helpless, just when you think at over 9 minutes the tirade of pure effortless sludge is dead and gone, these chaps extend the arrangement…for another 5 minutes, taking in time changes and mixing up the arrangements once they make sure you are left you for dead with their previous riffs. This recording has captured the live show feel and shoehorned it with a big fat baseball bat onto disc.


There's a lot of influence & variation in Dead Existence's sound, and especially on their second offering; 'Born Into The Planet's Scars'. A tasty mixture of up-tempo, grooved out sludge/ hardcore combined with massive, pounding doom and somewhat atmospheric interludes to stitch the sonic violence together.

Ride with the Devil

Imagine a slower incarnation of Buzz•oven merged with High On Fire... with tracks in excess of 10 minutes. Each of which drag you through a myriad of fused genres - Hardcore meeting sludge, creeping into doom and occasionally fading into drone, and all aptly playing the backdrop for some of the best tortured vocal styling’s I've heard this year. It's truly brutal and goddamn does it paint a picture.

Mass movment media

Listening to Dead Existence is rather like being trapped by a huge wave of slowly-moving molten lead; you can see and feel this huge force moving towards you, preparing to crush you into dust, but there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. They don’t inhabit particularly fast tempos, but rather rely on the brute force of their skull-crushing, all-encompassing heaviosity to cave in your resistance.

Arif Rot from Wormrot

This band is probably one of the heaviest in UK. If you are into SLUDGE, DOOM, STONER, HARDCORE, CURST, METAL, then you are on the right page. Grim as fuck.

“T” from Dragged Into Sunlight’s top ten list on No Clean Singing

Filthy fucking groove. Devastating. EyehateJake.

Viscous Lava Sludge

Someone on Amazon

This latest offering from London's Dead Existence is as misanthropic and brutal as those of us who've been following the British doom/sludge scene have come to expect from the band. This two-track, 26 minute EP is testament to the strength of the British scene and to Dead Existence's place as one of the heaviest, most hateful and uncompromising bands in it. Excellent stuff - highly reccomended.

If this isn't reason enough to go buy it then just download the damn thing. And while your at it download the new Astrohenge album and watch a Bastardhammer video while you wait.

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